Why Do I Need Van Advertising?

Let’s face it…the storage industry is incredibly competitive, and many cities are adopting unfriendly sign ordinances. Getting your business name in front of your customers is the key to renting storage rooms. If you have shopped around for advertising, you already know it costs thousands of dollars monthly.

With an advertising van, you make all the decisions on where you advertise your business; you are no longer bound to a static sign.

Every year there are millions of potential storage customers that could see your van in their neighborhood.  Imagine getting this visibility completely free of charge!

Compare Costs

Cost per 1000 impressions


Based on top 100 markets in the U.S. Source: SQAD 2005, Media Dynamics, Inc.



Pay $0.00 for your van ad and get seen by more people!

Compare Us to the Competition

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Annual Costs Under $1,000
New Van & Graphic Every Year
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Free Delivery
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Web Based Rental System
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